mouseOutCallback and mouseOverCallback

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I'm having trouble getting mouseOutCallback / mouseOverCallback to work. Heres my code in the create function: 

	game.input.mouse.mouseOverCallback = function() {		console.log('over');	}

If I simply replace game.input.mouse.mouseOverCallback with game.input.mouse.mouseDownCallback the console logs 'over' when the mouse is pressed, but does not log 'over' with game.input.mouse.mouseOverCallback when the mouse enters the canvas. Sorry if this is very basic, thanks for taking a look.

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I actually have the exact same problem. I took a break from dealing with mouse controls for a bit, I guess sloth and prayer didn't find a fix for me!


I'll probably be trying to figure out what's wrong here sometime in the next couple of days, but I'd appreciate an answer in the meantime as well.


I've found that it doesn't work on both on Firefox and Chrome, even with mouse capture.

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