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Creating a persistent map/world

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Hi All,


So I'm working on my first game idea. I'm currently working on the basics of my game world in browser and am thinking ahead a little here.


I'm going to be using a persistent world, shared by all players, I understand the various ins and outs of a persistent game world, but what I'm struggling to decide is; what's the best approach for creating the persistent world/map in the first place. Options I've considered:

  • Build a level builder that can create the world in the DB
  • Manually in the DB
  • Procedurally create the world using a script that creates the world in the DB

I appreciate that elements of all three are probably useful, but what does everyone else do and have I missed anything?


Might be worth me pointing out that my game will have a vaguely tile based map, although I haven't fully decided on the implementation yet. But there will be various squares with different resources, terrain etc.


Thanks for your help!

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