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Hello Everybody


    I am happy to announce to you all that the second round of HTML5 GAME DEVELOP CONTEST in China has started in July   15th


This time, we have three partners together with us. There are Maxthon Browser, Cheetah Browser and Linekong. They are all top internet companies and started to set foot in Html5 Game industry this year. We are happy to cooperate with them and determined to bring all developers a better and just contest!


The contest is divided into two session.

Session One: 2015.07.15-2015.10.15. We will choose 20 nominees (Prize 2000 RMB) and 10 top games (Prize: 5000 RMB)

Session Two: 2015.10.16-2016.01.15. We will choose 20 nominees (Prize 2000 RMB) and 10 top games (Prize: 5000 RMB) as well.


The contest will be ended in March. We will choose winners from those top games. They are listed as below:


Best Game—Prize 50000 RMB

Best Art—Prize 2000 RMB (Two Awards)

Best Creative Award—10000 RMB (Three Awards)


All games will be graded with ideas, art, adaptation, plays and voting at last.


With more details, please check the following site: http://open.51h5.com/contest/2


Hope you can all join our contest and win your big prizes at last! Enjoy! ;)  ;)  ;)


If there is any question regarding uploading games or rules, please leave a message through skype: penny.chen513.


With Love


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