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Hi all,


I've set-up a Phaser campaign on Patreon.


For those who haven't heard of Patreon - it's a way of supporting a project by donating a small monthly amount. The idea being that if enough people do so, it can make a real difference and allow us to push Phaser in some exciting new directions, much quicker than under our own funding.


Believe me, I didn't undertake this endeavour lightly either. I had to think long and hard about if it was the right move, and how best to go about it. As lots of you know I've been somewhat against having things like a 'donate' button on the site - but if we manage to create a successful Patreon campaign between us then it really could make a tangible difference.


There are so many things I'd like to do with Phaser - from books and tutorials, to new features and enhancements. But they all take time and money, so I can only ever really focus on a few of them at once. I just want to be clear - Phaser development will continue no matter what, even if not a single person joins the Patreon campaign. But also be under no illusion that if we get enough steam behind this it will make a real difference too, and that's kinda exciting as well :)





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I've canceled a number of other non-essential subscription services so that I can become a patron. I'm -extremely- excited to see this happening, as the community surrounding this framework is -ridiculously- active, and we can -always- use more support. 

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Awesome - thank you :)


And to answer your (now edited out!) question, I will absolutely be introducing forum badges for patrons. Just need to get the designs finalised and will get them all in place (for those who want them, you're welcome to remain an anonymous patron too)

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This is a very good idea, I am sure a lot of people are willing to contribute to Phaser developing.


What I'd want to see be worked more on, if more time will be allocated to working on Phaser, is to add benchmarking for each version and make sure performance is being improved, not degraded with each new update. :)

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