[Phaser] Marble Smash

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Hello there!

Another game made in Phaser is done!





Marble Smash is a match-3 type of game with 2 modes:

  • time attack (where you earn money)
  • puzzle (where you spend money ;))




Interesting fact: there is 400 puzzles in the game. And making puzzle generator and solver was the best thing ever ;)

I hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to comment and criticize :)


Game is available for licensing (exclusive and non).


Kamil Sobieszuk (CircusMoth)

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Nice game, though not as original as your Cut It! game. Still, it's very polished and complete, with interactive tutorial and everything. Btw again there is no about/credits button..


The graphics look cool. :) What program did you use to paint the background image, do you use a drawing tablet?

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Thanks for nice words, BdR ;)

Background is done in Illustrator and it is basically just:

  1. Gradient (sky, sea, sand)
  2. Few white blur lines (waves, sand lines)
  3. Bushes (circles with gradients and strong roughen effect)
  4. A lot of small dots with overlay blend mode (sand details)

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