Image Based Lighting / Global Illumination

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well! i think a lot of people could benefit from it! I know I could :P 


But I don't have enough knowledge on Babylon to know where to begin! I know its not a simple thing.

Do you or anyone else care to elaborate if its possible????

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Maybe we could think of a new kind of Light object, which would take a cubemap texture in its constructor?


Then, the StandardMaterial would need to be expanded to add support for this special type of lighting. The given cubemap would then be sampled when determining the light value on a pixel.


Also, this could be linked to another suggestion on the forum about adding a gloss map, since the glossiness of a pixel would determine how much the image based light would be blurred. Example:


EDIT: I just realized my suggestion makes no sense, since the StandardMaterial already has a reflectionTexture property, which takes a cubemap. See Wingnut's example here:

So I guess we could say that IBL is already kind of supported! Apart from the gloss part.

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I have to say, I'm currently evaluating BJS vs other engines and the lighting is really the main thing that lets this engine down in my opinion.

Other engines have deferred lighting, image based lighting, global illumination etc. but Babylon just has a very basic forward lighting model. 

Good lighting can make even bad models look great. And let's be honest, as indie devs, we mostly make kinda bad models :)


The material shaders seem to support most of what is needed for physically based rendering but we really lack some form of GI to make a natural looking render.

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@Monkeyface: I tend (obviously :P ​) to disagree here. We have:

- Diffuse

- Specular

- Fresnel

- Reflection

- Refraction

- Bump

- Glossiness

- Ambient

- Emissive


So from a physically based rendering standpoint, you have almost everything that you need giving that we try to be able to run even on low end devices


Let's then add sfx:

- HDR (soon)

- Volumetric light scattering

- Depth of field

- Soft shadows


- Bloom



Plus then:

- All custom shaders that you can imagine

- All custom postprocess that you can imagine

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@Monkeyface: I tend (obviously :P ​) to disagree here. 



Hmm, yep looks like it has more than I thought! Maybe I just don't know how to use it  :D

Could you possibly make a demo to show how this works? I think that would be really useful to many of us.

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Looking into this more....


With the addition of the roughness and glossiness maps now in there, it seems image based lighting is the only thing missing now for the full PBR pipeline?

We need to light the objects in the scene based on a cube map. 

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