Secret Agent: Decryption

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Secret Agent: Decryption is a sort of typing arcade game where the player must type the word that appears on the screen as fast as he can.  The catch is that with each new word, the keyboard is scrambled and the player has to find out where all the letters were placed in order to spell the word.  If he presses the wrong key or the same key twice in one word, he loses points.  At the end of the game the points are totaled up and the player is assigned a spy rank.


It's my first game I've made for html5.  I used GameMaker: Studio, and I did all the graphics and everything myself.


Here's a link to the game:








Feedback is greatly appreciated! I'd love some constructive criticism


Let me know how it worked on whatever device you are using

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Works on desktop now.

But I  can't get it to load properly on my iPod touch. I judge it's because of the way you placed your files on the ftp , It won't load the texture of the graphics, I see a blank screen.

Work it out.


The game idea is nice , new to me but I don't know if genuine , Well implemented, The graphics are nice. I would like to be able to play it on my phone to be able to rate it properly.

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@Funkyy I might do that, but I was thinking of keeping it as more of a bejeweledy type arcade game so it maybe doesn't need a story?  I could put some context story before it starts though maybe... that could be a good idea...


@ Ahmed Elaymani: Thanks so much for the info, apparently it also doesn't work on an iphone 4 so that's annoying /:  apparently on the iphone4 it works and loads everything until they press the start button and then it just skips the game room.  Yugh.


I did come up with the concept myself by the way, I'm pretty proud of it haha

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