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I am very new to Phaser, so this is a very basic question. I want objects to follow the mouse around the screen. To do this I was going to get mouse position values and then set the x and y coordinates of a sprite to the mouse position. Unfortunately I could not find an example of this from the files and thought that the forums would be the quickest and easiest place for an answer.



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@Rich: Local to the item that was clicked. 


I attach a listener to the background of my group.

holder = game.add.group();//holder.id = id;holder.bg = holder.create(0, 0, 'bg');holder.bg.inputEnabled = true;holder.bg.events.onInputDown.add(this.level_clicked, holder);		


level_clicked: function(bg){	var holder = bg.group;		console.log(holder.input.x); // fails	console.log(this.input.x);   // fails        console.log(bg.input.x);     // returns undefined	console.log(game.input.x);   // works...},

If I can get the screen position of the click, I can mathematically work out where abouts the click has occurred within the holder, but this defeats the object of having a listener for each holder... <edit> I realised that's not true, if I uncomment my holder.id line, then the calculation becomes very easy - just not as easy as pulling the x/y position straight off the object that was clicked

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both pointer.x and .y are returning the same values as .worldX and .worldY.


I could be wrong, but I believe the world values would only differ from pointer.x/y if the world (area of the game) is greater than the area of the canvas it is being played it.




Game =  800px x 800px, Canvas = 800px x 800px  = World and pointer events will return same coordinates


Game = 2000px x 2000px, Canvas = 800px x 800px = World and pointer events may differ

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Thanks, samme. 


the world X and Y are the coordinates I am looking for. How do I get those coordinates into my function? Can I call activePointer anywhere in my code to get them? Thank you!


Looks like the solution may be:

game.input.activePointer.x + game.camera.x,

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