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For those of you that have used Steam Big Picture, you know how awesome the Daisywheel on-screen keyboard is. Basically, its a radial keyboard alternative to the awful QWERTY layout that console developers have using. I've had such a great experience using it, I've ported it to Javascript and the HTML5 Gamepad API. The source can be found on Github, and I'm calling it DaisywheelJS.







This project was designed specifically with HTML5 game development in mind. Installation and setup are detailed in the docs, but its as simple as including the `daisywheel` CSS class or calling `load()`.


Using the input DOM element:

<input class="daisywheel" type=text />

or, calling it manually (for use with Canvas games):

//When the Daisywheel should appearDaisywheel.load(function(symbol) {    console.log(symbol);});

There are even options that allow for use with webfonts and emojis.


Feedback / Troubleshooting


Feedback is welcome! Leave your comments below or message me @likethemammal. As I mentioned above, the source is on Github. It was written using React.js and Flux (if you're a JS dev who's interested). If you like this project, you can support it on Patreon. There, you can vote on controller support, the feature schedule, and get on the beta-testing mailing list.


This is a young tool, and the Gampad API is still experimental technology. If you have trouble connecting your controller to the browser, you can find help on the main DaisywheelJS site.


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