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Teleporting Penguin Helicopter

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Tonight I completed my second game.


Idea evolved from an old flash game that I used to play called "Monkey Lander".


This game features:

36 Levels

Fantastic home made graphics

Addicting gameplay




screen5.png screen6.png
I would be very very very grateful if you guys would test my game on your devices and then post the result and the name of the phone or tablet you were using. 
Hope you like it!
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Tested on my LG Optimus F3 on Chrome and everything went smoothly. It was very difficult but mostly because of the lack of room to navigate. The controls seemed to respond rather well. Maybe making the collision box on the player a bit smaller will make the difficulty a bit better.

I personally didnt like the way the game looks not because is badly drawn but things didn't seem to fit together well.

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Thanks for advice AAG I totally agree with everything you said right there.


I took one look at the menu with that in mind and was like "who the hell authorized this?!" lol

So I made some pretty drastic changes to the color scheme and menu with hopes of making everything seem more correct.


I also made the bounding box a lot smaller on the penguicopter and I think that the difficulty might be set to an actually reasonable level


Your criticisms were spot on thank you.  Mind telling me what you think of the new changes?

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Nice game!  Somehow I got that feeling from the old times of playing NES games.


I tried playing on my laptop on Chrome. It wasn't straightforward for me in the beginning that UP key isn't bringing the helipenguin up. And if took few seconds to discover taht I have to use LEFT RIGHT keys.


Also as the 1st level launched, it wasn't clear what I am supposed to do:

in my mind i was going: there're blue and red circles. PRobably I have to avoid red and ... hmm... what am I  supposed to do with the blue ones? I am surrounded? Damn.. I hit the wall.. again I hit the wall? Why is this 1st level so "hard"?

How am I supposed to complete the level? 


So basically there were few moments of frustration. So I woudl probably advise:

0)  make clear that only LEFT-RIGHT keys should be used. (or whatever controls are used on other devices).


1) make it somehow clear what's the purpose of the game level 

For example show message in the beginning "pick up all coins to get to next level".


2) make 1st level bigger, so that I can fly around and enjoy some nice visuals in the first 10 seconds of the game, as it is the time when first impression of the game is created.


3) Make it "self visually explanatory" that picking up circles leads to something good. (ie. instead of circles simply flying into the "central display" maybe instead text with "100 pts" or "200 pts" can be shown?)

also maybe in the first level the "items to pick up" may look like coins or some penguin food, so that it's clear that they need to be picked up, not avoided and on later levels "new pickups" can be introduced?



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Tested on HTC one in chrome. Great concept, perfect for mobile device, the controls as simple enough on a mobile, hold left to turn left and throttle, and the same for right. The only thing I'd say there is it takes a second to see any response.

The colours on the menu are too similar to the background, and a little dark in the game.

As previously mentioned, it's not obvious what you need to do from the start, but those things can be ironed out.

Great game, with a lot of potential.

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