We all need market.phaser.io like Ionic Team!

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Well this means to be more than a package manager to be honest, but rather a place where someone could not only find plugins but also view how much the community is working alongside the library and meet the capabilities, the page would also host tutorials etc. So think of it more like a hub for Phaser knowledge and plugin gallery than a marketplace or plugins directory.


I believe that in order to make knowledge available nowadays the clue is to have it centralized and gathered (no one likes to roam search results and forum posts to find one bit of a rather trivial information).


To give an example, that I know Rich is going to like (and I always found it to be helpful) is this page: http://flashgamedojo.com/go/


Back in the day when we were building with Flash this was a valuable page to have as it contained, tutorials, snippets, and tools

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Hi @rich, how are you my friend?

Check the market again => http://market.ionic.io/

Phaser needs the same! I want to create more plugins to Phaser, Can we create this website for phaser? for example using the domain market.phaser.io! Please, give me your comments about that. I have time to create the website on GitHub if you want :)
PD: Phaser needs more tools created by the community... @netcell @MichaelD @Budda @drhayes @Skeptron

Regards, Nicholls

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Hi guys!

Check the repo please => https://github.com/jdnichollsc/Phaser-Market
And the home for the moment => https://phaser-market.herokuapp.com/

What do you think? Guys review the Slack channel please.

I need images and other resources, Any feedback is welcome!!

Regards, Nicholls

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