Joe Kopena

Basic Scaling, Animation, and Parallax Tutorial

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In (re)acquainting myself with Pixi for some hobby projects, I put together a simple example and walkthrough of scaling to fit device dimensions, using hi-res resources, animating a sprite, doing some basic parallax scrolling with tiling sprites, and assembling spritesheets with TexturePacker:

The code is very much based around Pixi, but it's easy to understand without being familiar with that API, and I thought the article makes enough broad points to be worth crossposting to this general 2D forum in hopes that others may find it useful.


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Thanks for pointing that out, Andreas. In previous projects I had been generating spritesheets using a workable but convoluted and very manual series of ImageMagick tools (montage, etc) and Makefiles. I'm still new to TexturePacker, but definitely sold on upgrading to the full version for my next project.

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