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Saving Private Redsquare

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Hi everyone!

I'm here to introduce my very first game, named "Saving Private Redsquare".



The game:

You control Redsquare, and must avoid ennemies on your way to destroy the Mad Rectangle King.

There are 42 levels, among them 4 bosses. The rest of the levels are based on dodging waves of ennemies.

Canvas is changing a little among the levels.


The development:

I have been working for almost a year, coding from time to time.
To be honest, I did not plan the game at all: I wanted to learn how to use canvas and how to build games. This means that the game was made step by step, adding new way for me to play with the canvas. This is why it may be repetitive and poorly structured, but I really enjoyed doing it and I tried to make it entertaining and challenging. 

All development was made with native Javascript and just a bit of Jquery. 
All graphics are made with canvas drawing, there are no image at all.

Musics were made using Soundbox.

All the code is available here if you are curious.



If you have any feedback, issues, advices ; just let me know! Thank you all!

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It's pretty good - reasonably fun to play, but the gameplay seems to involve a lot of waiting which is not to my taste (I was frustrated waiting for enemies to finish slowly descending towards me, then even slowly descend offscreen so I could move, there were so many power ups I felt I could have gone for if I could only shoot or move up&down instead of passively waiting).

The title doesn't seem to match the game to well ie. no relation to that other "Saving Private ..." work and saving your own skin doesn't seem title worthy (maybe I'm missing the joke? But to me it'd be like calling "Wolfenstein 3D", "Saving Captain Blazkowicz")

The screen seems to flash at times in IE11/Edge (haven't tried other browsers but it seemed like a glitch) and I found the bonuses confusing: different words used for the same quantity (points, score "$"), the 2x bonus didn't double my score and had no discernible effect (I had to check the code to find out what it did).

Oh, and getting hit is very passive, the noise is kinda "meh", the enemy just disappears and the character colour pulses slowly - it doesn't really feel like the right reaction for getting hit.

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Thank you for your detailed review!

I'm aware of the lack of interactivity, I tried to reduce the time spent waiting but it seems that I need to do more than that.

I found the title cool but you are right, it does not fit the game at all..

As for refresh problems in IE, I think it is due to canvas growing at each level. It is a real problem but refreshs are almost ok on chrome and firefox.

Finally, thank you for your report on consistency and clarity of the game.

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