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Signing an agreement to license your HTML5 games - could it become easier?

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"Selling a game license, finalizing a deal for revenue shares from IAP or subscription revenues is always connected with big portion of time spent on negotiations, and setting up an agreement conditions. Since the beginning of finding new business opportunities there is always the same process which in many cases may be hard, exhausting, annoying, and it can take away the time you could spend on developing parts of the game you started. Unfortunately, if you really care that your game will be safely licensed to a sponsor/publisher, you should really put highest focus on this process. The time spent on reviewing the agreement itself very precisely will give also you an overview that many publishers are working in a very similar way. Yes, you may get more experience, more knowledge, and with time it can be even easier, and faster process. But, does it always have to be done the same way? No, what's more you may come up with an idea to make your life easier. How? There may be couple really easy, and helpful ways."



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There is no 100% bug free game - watch out if you find a clause saying that the game should be 100% free of bugs. Same way the network of publisher should be bug free, but he cannot guarantee you that. But it is better to state that the games are acceptable for release in network after publisher test them.


This is some very good advice, especially when dealing with the array of platforms we have to deal with as HTML5 devs.  It would really suck to have a contract go sour because your game doesn't work on some obscure device.

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