do not disgrace flash

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I really love flash. And on this I ask you to remove those words -

Designed to be intuitive and easy to pick up. Developers accustomed to ActionScript will immediately find themselves at home.

We hope Pixi.js will become one of your go-to tools for authoring interactive content in an increasingly ‘post Flash’ climate.


These words are a disgrace to flash. pixi.js this is nonsense. It has nothing to do with programming.

The Creator instead of listening ignores all comments.
pixi.js !== flash, pixi.js === trash!


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much hate, such wow.


On a serious note, there is nothing in that text that diminishes flash in any way. It just states a hope. Take your hatred elsewhere.

You want to say that flash is the same trash ?)) I'm not going to defend flash, but pixi.js not at all like him.

  I don't want to scold pixi.js.

 For me it is a tool with which I am forced to work.

 Here You are defending it, and You work with him? If I ask You a question, You will be able to answer it? Or are You talking about what do not know?

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