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3ds max exporter animation problem

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Basically, I have several meshes inside that I am importing with animation. Because some of the movement includes the same position, scale etc., they are skipped in the export. So each mesh has a different list of frames that don't synch when they are played. I wish we could use blender to solve this, but it just isn't an option.


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This is one of the animations with just 500 frames of animation. Even with the "Do not optimize animations" option, it still does skip frames. This is actually the same issue that Luaacro is also looking into. We updated to the latest version of the exporter and it did help some, but there are still missing frames in the export, so parts of our virtual patient move while others do not. It causes this strange sliding effect.  


I apologize that the MAX file is so big, but it is actually the smallest animation that we have. It is ready to export for testing though, you just have to set the "Do not optimize" on the scene. 



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That file is an idle animation. You can see the movement if you focus in on the face. Here is the camera information to focus on the face. There are bones on the face that pull the face so that it looks like face is sliding to the side. 

camera.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(-91, 53, 39);camera.target = new BABYLON.Vector3(-105.28, 55.02, 38.86);				camera.rotation = new BABYLON.Vector3(-0.02, 4.74, 0);
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