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My HTML5 Game was supposed to make me rich and famous

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Joking apart (sniff :( ), sometime ago I created a very simple free game. the game its called "that impossible match" (nothing extraordinary compared to most games), this just to learn the process and experience that comes from creating a product that could be downloaded by potentially many users (I guess that's where reality hit me on the head), and learned that making users to like your product or even drop you a note on what they think about it its not as easy as it looks, and yes I know there's a lot more that just code/publish and sit back and wait through the daylight to have any success,  and although I didn't spend money or much of my time on properly promoting it, I think that even then it really never got any attention, so I'm not sure if it was not that good or maybe never even got to anyone's attention, 



please note I'm not promoting it or anything like that , but wanted to ask around and see what you think about making the code available so every other developer can use it if they wanted to and then see if it gets any attention?






best regards





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There is a guy on this forum with nickname "True Valhalla" he makes HTML5 games for a living. He even wrote a book on how to make money on that stuff. I think you can poke him for tips and tricks. Also best way to demonstrate what kind of fancy things your game has is to provide a gameplay video. GLHF!

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