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Hi Guys,


I want to add a progress bar to my game. Not just one for loading my assets, but one that waits till my http calls have been made aswell. I am working with states (boot, preload, mainGame). 

It doesn't have to be a fancy one showing the actual progress, a simply image saying "loading..." would be enough for now. I can figure out the details later.  :rolleyes:


How would I go about this? Would I preload the image in the boot section, create it in the preloader and destroy it when my http call returns?

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Yeah, I should have mentioned that. The http calls are placed in the create function of the mainGame state. 


function httpGet(theUrl){
  var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); "GET", theUrl, false );
  xmlHttp.send( null );
  return xmlHttp.responseText;


After they returned successfully from the API, I want the loading to be finished.

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/** * *  Draw a loading screen in Phaser. Expects resources to already be loaded. * Generally used in preload and main states, with resources loaded during boot. */(function () {    'use strict';    var Base = require('basejs');    var LoadingScreen = Base.extend({        constructor: function (game, settings) {            if (!settings                || !settings.loading_image_key || !settings.loading_bg_color                || !settings.loading_text || !settings.loading_font ) {                throw "Loading screen is missing a required configuration field.";            }   = game;            this.settings = settings;        },        show: function () {            // 1. Create solid background.            this.bgColor =, 0);            this.bgColor.beginFill(this.settings.loading_bg_color);            this.bgColor.drawRect(0, 0,,;            this.bgColor.endFill();            // 2. Create a loading image/icon/splash            this.splashImage =,, this.settings.loading_image_key);            this.splashImage.y -= this.splashImage.height;            this.splashImage.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5);            // 3. Add a progress indicator            this.progress =,,                this.settings.loading_text + "0%", this.settings.loading_font);            this.progress.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5);  , this);        },        destroy: function () {            this.splashImage.cropEnabled = false;            this.splashImage.destroy();            this.splashImage = null;            this.bgColor.destroy();            this.bgColor = null;            this.progress.destroy();            this.progress = null;  ;        },        fileComplete: function (progress, cacheKey, success, totalLoaded, totalFiles) {            this.progress.text = this.settings.loading_text + progress + "%";        }    });    module.exports = LoadingScreen;}());

I use this like this:

(function () {    'use strict';    var Base = require('basejs'),    LoadingScreen = require('../loading-screen');        var PreloadState = Base.extend({        constructor: function (settings) {            if (!settings ) {                throw "Preload state is missing a required configuration field.";            }            this.settings = settings;        },        preload: function () {            this.loadingScreen = new LoadingScreen(, this.settings);            this.ready = false;  ;            // Do all of your 'real' asset loading here!            this.something.preload();        },        create: function () {            this.loadingScreen.destroy();        },        update: function () {            if ( this.something.isPreloadComplete() && this.ready === false) {                this.ready = true;                // go to menu or play state, or whatever            }        }    });    module.exports = PreloadState;}());

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