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Audio sprite loop gets broken?

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Hey all,


i've noticed a weird behaviour from the soundManager. The loop of an audio sprite's marker gets broken after switching states.


So to further help explain my problem, this is how i am doing things:


// start preload state"audioSprite", ["assets/audio/audioSprite.mp3", "assets/audio/audioSprite.ogg"]);


then when onLoadComplete gets called: ="audioSprite"); = true;"themeSong", 0, 19.2, 1, true); //(key, startingPoint, duration, volume, loop)
and 7 more markers
//end preload state
//start menu state"themeSong");
//end menu state
As long as i do not switch states, the "themeSong" will continue to play and loop, but if i switch state to, say levelSelect,
the "themeSong" will continue to play to the end of the specified duration but will not loop!?
Any help is appreciated :)

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The problem was that i destroyed everything in the state i left when switching states by calling

But nevermind, i switched to Howler.js for audio, also because loading more than one audio file and then trying to play one of them was crashing Internet Explorer, even with audio sprites...


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