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Camera position jump back after mouse release

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Hi guys/gals! 


I see this too, Icebreaker... in your demo.  During a drag... release the button while the pointer is still traveling.  The camera still moves after the button release... in my FF anyway.


Likely, it is related to the camera's .inertia.




As you can see, turning it off reduces the problem, but it's still there.  Release the button while continuing the drag... the issue can still be seen.  *scratch scratch*

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Thanx Wing, thats what Im looking for. Here my code:

var wasd={l:0,r:0,f:0,b:0,s:0.03};function kDwn(evt){switch(evt.keyCode){case 65:wasd.l=1;break;case 68:wasd.r=1;break;case 87:wasd.f=1;break;case 83:wasd.b=1;break;}}function kUp(evt){switch(evt.keyCode){case 65:wasd.l=0;break;case 68:wasd.r=0;break;case 87:wasd.f=0;break;case 83:wasd.b=0;break;}}window.addEventListener("keyup", kUp, false);window.addEventListener("keydown", kDwn, false);if(BABYLON.Engine.isSupported()){    var canvas = document.getElementById("cnvs");    var engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true);        BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load("","scene.babylon",engine,function(scn){        scn.executeWhenReady(function(){            scn.activeCamera.attachControl(canvas);                                    var actC=scn.activeCamera;            var cDir=actC.cameraDirection;            var rstV=actC.rotation;            //window.addEventListener("mouseup",function(){actC.rotation=new BABYLON.Vector3(rstV.x,rstV.y,rstV.z)});                        engine.runRenderLoop(function(){                if(wasd.f==1)cDir.z+=wasd.s;if(wasd.b==1)cDir.z-=wasd.s;if(wasd.r==1)cDir.x+=wasd.s;if(wasd.l==1)cDir.x-=wasd.s;                                    scn.render();            });        });    }, function(progress){        // To do: give progress feedback to user    });}        

I hope you find a smaller solution! I need a WASD controll... maybe you can help me out.
Thanx a lot

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