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Which Typescript IDE

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I'm coming from AS3/Flash background, currently researching possibilities of HTML/WebGL development. For the past week I've been trying out various approaches to js, ended up focusing on Typescript. I'm currently struggling to pick and setup an IDE. Currently I'm using Visual Studio Express, however it lacks essential functions like code generation and templates.

What is your ts IDE of choice? What are some tools/configuration tips you use to make the development easier?


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Has there been any progress with Typescript IDEs since the original post?


I'd been getting on well with Visual Studio for the past 12+ months, but recently it has started to chew up memory - rocketing up to 2GB usage. (I'm not sure if this is indicative of a problem with my projects).


Brackets is nice and light and the extension I've been using works well (brackets-typescript-code-intel), but it doesn't seem to cope with chains of references (whereas VS did).


I do so love Typescript.....




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JetBrains my friend, get JetBrains now!! :D .. in detail, JetBrains WebStorm is cheaper and great to use. With that I could embed a small server to run in localhost to host my game locally for testing using Node.js, also make a simple compiler to do anything I want the results or whatever within the project.


In my opinion JetBrains has the best code completion for JavaScript as well, so in case your code is crazily complex, it can intelligently suggest related functions/variables, even though technically they don't know where it is from due to JS nature of being dynamic.


I don't know how to do it in Visual Studio, but JetBrains gives me the freedom I ever wanted for more than 3 years. :D

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Because this topic is well indexed on Google I will update it a little.

I think TypeScript has matured a lot since 2013. There is also a lot of support for it in different IDEs now. One great one is Visual Studio Code, which is made by microsoft, but is more similar to Atom.


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Yes, I'm a daily TS user and would say since TS2 that VS Code has become my go-to IDE (small, mostly quick, does the job out-of-the-box and is linked to the release cycle of TS).  I used Atom prior and it had some nice workarounds for the limitations of TS1 tsconfig, but I found it increasingly unresponsive dependent upon the size of project, and the workarounds were no longer of benefit (to me).  Both of these IDEs use a webview, which may be the cause of the graphical performance issues I encountered - notching them into fullscreen modes can improve things.

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