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no vertex sharing ?

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I been struggling to find out why babylon exporter was creating flat shaded meshes by default until I found that option hidden in the scene window wich is probably the least used window in blender ui (been uising it for decades now)


I mean why on earth would anyone need to ruin a mesh with such an option ? I been writing exporters and using game engines for years now with blender, this is the most AWKWARD option I have ever seen


if at least it was not enabled by default



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The ability to save the export options as part of the .blend file facilitates a growing set of options that can be used, without requiring someone to remember what options were used the last time.  For the scene panel choice, my first choice was World.  I had noticed in the export source that it was checking for the existence of World though.  It seems someone had been building .blend files outside of Blender.  Did not want to break anyone.  Scene was best of Render, Scene, & Render Layers.  It is documented.


The option itself, did not originally set a different normal when checked.  The function was changed as a result of this thread:  .  That is where the default is changed to true.  Looking at the screen shot in the documentation, it is false.  I would support changing it back to false.

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