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I've been working on this project since Jan 2013. Basically is a adventure side scrolling game ala Zelda 2 style.  



View Trailer


Play Demo in browser




The game is programmed in javascript using impactjs engine. some of the features include:

An expansive island to explore with over 16 unique bosses 
Customize your character with an engaging Level Up System 
Chain attacks to make enemies drop more items 
Experiment with different magic attacks to defeat Elliot’s enemies 
Solve puzzles to find hidden crystals and access secret areas 
Hunt powerful monsters to find powerful weapons 
3 unique endings based on your decisions 
Original Music by Michael Chait -- listen at
 • Well-balanced gameplay that’s easy to pick up but difficult to master



I plan to sell the game so if you like it consider voting on steam greenlight

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Loved it! Played the demo to the and.


Played on Firefox, because the game does'nt work on Chrome.

Also have a bug that sometimes (a bit rare), make the enemies stay invisible in the start of the actual level.


Have just voted on Steam GreenLight.

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This is really great! I think I see some Fez and Kid Icarus in there.


Some ideas if you don't mind:

-Special arrows that stick longer in wall and allow climbing up on them

-The farther you're away from the target the more likely is a miss

-It took me quite a while to figure out that I could go underground without dying, maybe some indicators there


looking forward for the finished thing!

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I enjoyed the few minutes i spend with the game. There are a few immediate issues though. For one the game desperately needs volume control, even if it's just a demo, and secondly you can't move diagonally on the world map, which gets annoying.

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Thanks for your feedback, I am working on the beta right now which solves/fixes most of the issues. I like some of the ideas/sugestions however they would break the gameplay balance of the game.


I ll be releasing a KS campaign to help me polish the game i will keep you updated.

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I have released succesfully Elliot Quest on diferent consoles and also on all platforms on Steam. We will be releasing it on the WiiU next month.

I used impactjs as an engine and its being a breeze to work with. I may try phaser to see their differences.

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