Crisp Text for Small Canvas

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Hello guys!


I develop a small game.


Really, its size is 90x160 pixels ;)


I scale it with Phaser scaling stuff. So i get a nice retro look. But there is something which went really wrong.

It is the text. If i use simple game.add.text with Arial or using a bitmapText doesen't matters.

There is always some kind of anti-alias or smoothing.


Is there a way to get a Text crispy with hard edges?


For a better understanding i have attached a screenshot.




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Alright! That worked.


Here the steps i did.


1. Made a small bitmap font with littera


Unfortunately doe's littera uses anti aliasing on default...


2. import the font.png to gimp and reduced the colors to 2 (only black and white are left)


plus made some minor changes cause the posterisation made the font a bit odd (e.g. if set colors to 2 there are alpha values left)^^


3. Use font as bitmapfont with exact size i set in littera.

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