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Ermin's adventure

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everyone had fun, I hope you don't mind me being less nice.

the movement felt very sloppy to me. the enemies move fast, but thats it. its just up down, or left right. it felt like a matter of luck, not skill getting past some areas. the colors are very bland and it's all pretty dark. I missed that I was losing lives, thinking it just restarted where you died. came as a bit of a shock that I would have to restart. sorry, would not play again. I'm sure you can do better!

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Thank you for your comments! I agree that some of the rooms are too difficult, I plan to fix this soon. Also, I will fix the getting-stuck-in-the-floor bug. 


BTW, you can see the room editor at /editor.html and the whole game on github: https://github.com/uzudil/ermin So if you want to contribute... ;-)


Marcgfx, I'm sorry to hear you would not play again.

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