I hate JS, what other choices have I ?

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Hi !


I've started "normal" web developpement two months ago, and it was painful.


I'm coming from C# developpemement and Javascript is chinese to me.

So, I look to Typescript and Dart (and Coffescript, but I think it's worse).


I want to use Pixi.js or EaselJs


But as far as I can see, it's not so easy to import Javascript librairies in Dart.

Is someone tried these language and can tell me how it worked ?

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I've ported a few small javascript projects to Typescript and was really impressed. If you want to stick with pure ES6 then you can use Babel, but Typescript's syntax follows ES6 conventions very closely anyway so its more a matter of preference.  I'd personally avoid using something that didn't at least follow ES's basic structure.


Edit: As far as hating Javascript.. i am (was) with you. But now that we have ES6 and Typescript, it's like Javascript without the really horrible bits that were classic Javascript. Anyway it's impossibe to avoid these days. :)

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If you're not working on a team there aren't that many advantages to using haxe or typescript over regular es2015 JS.

Shame that you don't like it, it certainly has flaws but they become 'lovable quirks' (sometimes, actually, not very often) over time. The newest spec actually gives us some proper tools for building complex apps so the JS world is certainly a better place to play in than a few years ago.

But yeah, if it's not your thing then why bother? Use it as a transpile target and write your programs however you see fit

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I was AS3 developer 2 years ago and back then I was hating JS too. But then I invested some time into understanding its core principles and came to love it and its dynamic nature.


On a sidenote, you can actually create a self-rewriting Artificial Intelligence in JS. Like purely self-rewriting, not combining stuff from predefined chunks.

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