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[js13k] RGB : Reverse Ground Battle

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Hello there!


This year I've discovered the js13kgames competition and I've decided to find some time and give it a try!

It has been really challenging and I've learned a lot!

Unluckily I've discovered the competition a little bit late so I've just had like a week to create my game but in the end I managed to do it in time :)


2015's theme was "Reversed" so I've decided to create something a little bit crazy, and pretty hard to play: a fast paced survival space shooter in which enemies have the same color of the background.

You will have to reverse the background color to reveal hidden enemies, avoid their bullets and survive!


It is mobile compatible and here's how to play:

- Desktop: arrow keys to move, spacebar to reverse background color. M to toggle mute.
- Mobile: tilt device to move, tap to reverse background color.


You can play Reverse Ground Battle here:



Here's the source code on GitHub:




And here's a screenshot:




It was my first time using jAllegro and bfxr really saved my time!

I had some issues with mobile browsers compatibility but in the end I managed to create this little game with great fun and satisfaction!


I'll just leave this here in case you want to play some unusual game, while hoping that the source code can be helpful, too!


Have Fun!

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interesting concept and clever name :). The game runs well and the controls work well. Unfortunately I believe the reversal mechanic is quite gimmicky and took away from the game rather than adding to it. The game becomes press space bar as fast as you can while dodging bullets. 


The source is awesome and well documented. I will definitely take a further look at it!

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Hi Vez, 

thanks for your review, and your thoughts!


Actually, I like the frantic fast press the space bar gameplay, it was my intention to create a smashing keyboard game :)

But, as you said, with this feature some of the traditional space shooter gameplay has been totally overwhelmed!


Glad to hear that you gave a look to the source code, too! :)

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works well, but won't keep you playing for long I believe. ended up just spamming the spacebar. still didn't make it very far :) hard on the eyes.

there are shooters with a similar idea, where you can swap the shield/shot color. depending on the color, you can absorb enemy shots/deal more damage.

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Thanks for your reviews!

I'm happy that you enjoyed the unusual gameplay :)


For sure the gameplay isn't meant to stick you to the game for too much, in fact I did not planned to sell it after the competition, so I focused on creating something somehow sperimental and unique ^^


And yes, there are a lot of similar gameplays where you need to swap colors.

Since the theme was "Reversed" It seemed good to me to get some ideas from these swap mechanics to create a "Reverse" one while limiting the colors to pure RGB to make some eye-keyboard-smashing little game :)

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