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CubeClub Soccer - Online Multiplayer Soccer

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Cool little game! The function for joining rooms is perfect. The aesthetic is simple and attractive. Controls are solid.


Some problems I found:

I was confused by which goal I was supposed to score on because it seems like there is no indicator in game. When a player goes to a different tab it looks very strange and glitchy to the other players. Sometimes when I scored it got stuck too far back in the net and I couldn't retrieve it. Sometimes when I scored neither team got any points, maybe because I was shooting on the wrong goal?

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Hi there!


There's a major new update on the game, it would be nice if you guys could check it out: http://cubeclub.gamestd.io

I've learned a few things with the first version that I'd like to share here. 


In the first version, all the game logic was being computed by the clients, the server just trusted whatever messages the clients were sending. It seems easier to develop all the logic by the client but it's quite obvious that it's not a good decision. It can be really painful to ensure that all clients are seeing the same game state and eventually it just will not happen, causing strange behaviour in some clients.


Now that all the communication was rewritten the clients are now just sending inputs such as movements and kick/tackle events, which the server validates and then broadcasts to all connected clients. Only the server will handle the game state and broadcast a patch state (JSON Patch - RFC6902) to all clients.


I really liked this "patch state" approach, which removes the necessity of triggering different kind of messages (e.g. new player entered, player leaved, etc). If a new player enters in the room, the clients will receive it as an arbitrary state update instead of a message with a particular identifier.


I'm releasing a handy library to create game server rooms and matches, called Colyseus

As your game probably will have time-based events (interval/timeouts) there's another handy tool for it: clock-timer.js


I expect to write more about this subject as I make progress.


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