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Phaser 1.1 is released :)

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I tried almost all samples from version 1.1 in Firefox (Desktop version 24.0) and they didn't work.

I also tried examples from threejs on Firefox and they didn't work. threejs site showed this message for me

Your graphics card does not seem to support WebGL.Find out how to get it here.

Maybe something with my Firefox (I've disabled all Firefox plugins and restarted it prior to make my tests to be sure they were not causing any trouble).

I also checked Firefox's about:config to see whether webGL was disable and the property

webgl.disabled = false

tells me its enabled.


I even tried threejs on IE (10.0.9200.16721) and they didn't work giving me the same error message

Your graphics card does not seem to support WebGL.Find out how to get it here.

But for sure it's not correct because threejs examples worked fine on Chrome (Desktop version 30.0.1599.101 m).

i don't know whether it minds but my video card is GEFORCE GTX 660.



Your video card is more than powerful enough, but there is obviously something very wrong on a OS/GPU driver level for you to get all those errors (certainly nothing I can detect or fix from Phasers side). I would recommend you download the latest NVIDIA driver installer and get them running under that, because it's as if WebGL thinks your card is black listed, even though technically it shouldn't be.

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Great news. Reallly appreciate the hard work Rich and his team are putting in the project.


Small bug report:

I just tested the Starstruck example using Chrome. The hitcollision seems to be broken. The player alien drops through the third level of ground tiles.


A general question to Rich:

It's great to see that you provide such a huge amount of examples. Additionally, you provide the documentation and also are launching a contest for more examples.


I wonder however - do you plan to maintain all the examples updated and working with all upcoming versions of Phaser even the third party examples? Dont you fear that this could become a really time consuming task in the future?


A different approach would be the following: Distinguish between a showcase and phaser examples.


Demos of the showcase are examples which are released with a certain version of phaser library. They should also be tagged/marked that they use a certain version of phaser. This way you make sure they will always work.


Official examples are updated with each phaser version just showing the basic usages of phaser, For more detailed information a user should refer to the documentation.



Either way - it's really great to see what you already have achieved with Phaser.

Keep up the good work!


Yeah I'm aware of the tilemap issue and will get it fixed asap, just ran out of time on Friday really and didn't want to delay launching any longer.


I consider the Examples as being like Unit Tests for games. Traditional unit tests are pretty useless beyond basic functions (they don't help detect visual glitches for example, just return/response types). So yes I would ensure that the examples remain current and working with a new release.


The way I see it is that quite soon we'll be at the point where the core of Phaser is pretty much locked down and then won't evolve all that much, what WILL evolve will be the plugins, so I can do separate Examples just for the plugins. And if needs be we could tag examples to be version specific too, but right now they should all work and all be updated in-line with the master release. I do intend to just keep on creating them though, and will probably need a better way to organise them once we get too many :) But for now it should cope with a few hundred. Maybe then I just add a top level to it, so you pick say "Animation" and then just that section reveals. Something to think about next year anyway.

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Awesome news!  I've got no time to play with this now but a quick question before I have to run off - Must I use grunt to build if I download the zip or does it come prebuilt in that case?


It will always come pre-built in the build folder too. But the grunt script is there for those who want to hack on the core for their own needs (plus we use it too)

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Just in time! I've updated my Mozilla Festival slides yesterday night and hacked the demo game Monster Wants Candy for Firefox OS using Phaser - worked almost* perfectly. I will finish the game (it's on GitHub), showcase and write about it in the next few days.

* I also had the problem with Phaser.AUTO, but on Firefox OS. Changed to Phaser.CANVAS and it worked.

Thanks Rich for the amazing amount of work!

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Thank you so much for this release.


I noticed that Phaser.AUTO is not working.


How to reproduce it:


I picked a sample that just loads Phaser logo.


I run it on Firefox (desktop version 24.0) and the screen gets completely blank. I see this error on console:

[21:00:36.528] Unknown property '-moz-border-radius'.  Declaration dropped. @ http://maoserver.com/preloader/:101[21:00:36.528] Unknown property '-moz-border-radius'.  Declaration dropped. @ http://maoserver.com/preloader/:266[21:00:36.528] Unknown property '-moz-box-shadow'.  Declaration dropped. @ http://maoserver.com/preloader/:271[21:00:36.563] Error: WebGL: Can't get a usable WebGL context @ http://maoserver.com/preloader/phaser.js:19060[21:00:36.564] Error: WebGL: Can't get a usable WebGL context @ http://maoserver.com/preloader/phaser.js:4382[21:00:36.564] Error:  This browser does not support webGL. Try using the canvas renderer[object Object] @ http://maoserver.com/preloader/phaser.js:4387

If I use Phaser.CANVAS it works fine.


Note: On Chrome (Desktop version 30.0.1599.101 m) it works fine no matter what constant I use.




try to change line 19062 to this :


        if (this.webGL === null || this.webGL == false)


Phaser.AUTO should be then working correctly

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Hi there, im a bit new with html5 in general, i was using phaser since the last version, I want to say that this is a great engine! but i am finding some problems while i have been using it, with the invaders examples, i have some odd behaviour with the bounding boxes.


Take a look to this shot, im using vamp server and chrome 


The bound masks doesnt move from there


If I use firefox it works as expected, why is this?


Also, i didnt like very much the way that are the examples right now, I liked more before, when every example had its own php file, its better to manage for a html5 newbie like me :/


Anyway, keep up the good work ;P

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Joshepho - I'd suggest you start a new thread about any specific issues you've got and we can answer them there (then it won't get lost in this jumble).


The new Examples system still has one file per example, but if you want to create something to test quickly then look in the examples/wip folder. You'll find a php index page I still use for really rapid testing, could prove useful (has none of the example fluff around the page either).

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coming from a flixel background.... i loved the introduction of Phaser. I thought I'll jump right into converting my game but found out that there alot of things i have to come around. I imported a json file created by Tiled and struggled to make it show up.... nothing yet :(


I think Phaser is my favourte HTML5 gaming engine-to be... i think that the documentation needs to be enhanced.

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The problem is happening for me, too.


The right place to report bugs is in the issue tracker of Phasers github project.

Maybe rich can place a link to that tracker somewhere in the examples section.

Thank you very much for the response!



Loving Phaser so far. The documentation and examples are really helpful and organized, something that I usually don't see that often. Congratulations.

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What do I have to do if I want to include Phaser into a project? I'm having a pretty hard time finding out and I'm not sure why xD At the minute I have the Basic project template js files and the src folder in my server root but I'm not sure where to go from here.


Edit: I figured this out just after I posted. Great way to look a fool xD

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If you do spot an error in the examples then as Chris said PLEASE report it using github issues, or create a new thread in the forum :) It just makes things much easier for us then.


But I'll look at the Keyboard example today and see what's going on. I need to upload the fresh set of 1.1.2 examples as they fix lots of things, but that will happen with the release tomorrow.

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