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Many sponsors like pakap has requirement like localisation to french.

I want to ask how do you guys localise your game for these sponsors, do you use google translate or any other service?

I'm about to complete making my first html5 game and will be contacting sponsors in few days i want my game to be ready for such sponsors.

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Depending on how much text you have, Google translate will be anywhere from bad to embarassingly bad.  There are companies that specialize in game translation.  You need to supply them with a file containing your source language strings and they will manage the whole process.  They usually charge per word.


If it is just one language, you could look for a translator yourself since it would be easy to manage and you might save a little money.  Translators sometimes advertise on Reddit and elsewhere.  If it is more than two languages, save yourself a huge headache and pay someone else to manage the translation process.



Full disclosure: I work for a game translation company.



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