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Phaser Editor RC is available to download, user guide and more

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The last version of Phaser Editor is ready to download!


This is a Release Candidate version (Phaser Editor RC 15.11).


This time we are also releasing new great stuff:

  • The website was reworked with a new look.
  • We created a blog to keep you updated and write about the great features around Phaser Editor.
  • In the blog you will find a quick start guide to help you with the main tasks. This guide includes 8 video demos.
  • The subscription form was moved to a professional website so we can give you a better  newsletter.

This release is an evaluation product but with no expiration date, it just shows a warning message from time to time.


For more details read the release notes.


For the final release we are considering to open the source code under a MIT license.



Enjoy Phaser Editor!


Arian Fornaris

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In Windows 10 x64, it throws error when I tried to open it first time. Administrator rights didn't help. Screenshot is attached.


Java Version 8 Update 66


Hi bymafmaf,


I see it is running with a `java.exe` that is located in `c:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath\javaw.exe`. Please execute in cmd:


`> c:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath\javaw.exe -version`


and put here the result., I want to see the version of Java. Remember it should be the 64bits version.


Other solution to solve Java version problems is to get the `jre` folder of a Java 8 64bits installation and copy it inside the Phaser Editor folder. For example like this:

Phaser Editor/    configuration/    features/    plugins/    PhaserEditor.exe    jre/ (the jre folder of a Java 8 64bits installation)

I am looking forward to bundle the JRE together with Phaser Editor in the next release, I should check the licenses.

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  • Solution

I had updated it after the error and it made no difference but now I explicitly searched for 64bit version and installed it and phaser editor opened. So, the problem is even if my computer is 64bit, java.com make you download 32bit by default.




You are welcome!


Maybe java.com by default shows the 32 bits version because you are using a 32 bits browser version ;-)

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