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[Phaser] Sweety Journey

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97/108 stars with the current levels. The difficulty of the levels seems shifting, but I think I like it. Normally games like these have a constant difficulty increase, so the first time you run into a frustrating level, each level from there on will be frustrating, which in turn makes you stop playing because you start to feel stupid. This however can have a frustrating level, but then you get 2 or 3 after that one that are easier, or at least less complex. I think that works out very nicely, as in being difficult, but also rewards you with a few easy breaks between the most difficult moments :)


Keep working on this, there are still plenty of room for improvement, but it's an awesome start for 36 hours!

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I'm always sceptical whenever someone claims they made a game in "just X hours". Because usually it's either a disclaimer for some worthless game, or like in this case it comes across as brogrammer-talk. But anyway..


It's a very cool puzzle game. :) The puzzle idea is simple but good and art work looks very nice. Two points though:


1) The swipe input detection is a little too strict I think. For example when you want to move the yellow jelly guy up, and you start swiping from one square below it, it doesn't move at all. This makes swiping a little tricky for new players, and especially on small phone screens.


2) The jelly guy slides until it hits something, but the coffee mugs can be moved freely. This wasn't immediately clear to me, I thought the coffee mugs stopped at the edge of the game area or something. So in level 4, I would move the starting positions of all object one place to the left. That way it becomes more obvious to the player what the coffee mug can do.

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