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Babylon.js: Building a Basic Game for the Web on MSDN

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Congratulations!  :D  Excellent writing and article by the way.  It's the perfect explanation for any Newbie not simply to begin to understand the BJS framework, but to actually build a working game! That's truly something.


Now, if I can only get Wikipedia to finish reviewing our first Wikipedia pages for the BabylonJS framework.  They are so incredibly slow - and I haven't heard from them in 2 weeks now. But it should be soon, and as they are completely reliant on donations, and work hard to produce verified factual articles, I really shouldn't complain.  So again, this is a great article you've written, and if the Wiki pages post soon, we're going to begin to get more and more press.  I also have a new application (written in BJS of course,) which we'll begin to beta test at Weta in NZ this Jan.  We will also be working some press in the US as well as NZ and are giving BabylonJS it's full due as the key tool we require to be able to build a first real-time collaborative design application, and my friend Richard Taylor who owns Weta with Pete Jackson, is going to give his endorsement of BJS following the 1 to 2 month beta cycle - and this we're expecting to go wide with.


So as I mentioned to DK recently, I not only believe, but can guarantee that in the 1st quarter of 2016, we're going to see a huge increase in users around the world - and all due to articles such as yours, which is by far the best introduction to BJS that I have ever seen.  Not to mention that Autodesk announced 2 weeks ago that they believe the future of their company and applications lie with their support and development using HTML5 and WebGL - as they announced their full backing and personal investment in these new standards.  We might all have been working in the trenches, but now we're truly on the edge of future content creation for the masses.  They will be coming in droves!


Again Congrats RaananW!



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Hi DB,


thanks! means a lot to read that!! This is what I was hoping it will turn up to be.


I am also waiting for the wikipedia article :) 


WebGL will slowly be the new standard to write complex websites, I am sure of that. I had no idea Autodesk announced it, but it does make a lot of sense for them. Flash is dead, long live the new web standard!

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