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[Phaser] Treasure Hunter

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Great game, JM.


I like the simple, focused design, the feel of the jump physics... The music is a good fit, too. The whole thing is sprinkled with "clever".


One bit of advice: if you were to think up a theme that is more compelling than a kind of generic dark cave, it might make it more engaging...


If you want help making assets, a story, etc. let me know. I think there's some good potential here.


Keep it up!

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On January 13, 2016 at 8:42 AM, staff0rd said:

Does anyone else think the jump timing is a bit off?  Often I try to jump just before a spike or end of a ledge, and nothing happens, sending me to my doom.  It could just possibly be that I'm shit...

I've experienced this as well.

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