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Want To Start Making My First Game But Don't Know Where to Start! :(

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I would really like to make my first game but, sadly I haven't a clue as to how to start with coding. I know a little bit about HTML5 Website coding but idk if that will apply to game coding at all. Also, seeing that it's my first game I'd also like to try not to spend any money on this project yet.


About my Game:

I figured that I should give some details as to what my idea for my first game is so that you guys can kinda base all advice off of that.


• It's going to be a music game with a piano.

• In the beginning you'll be given a chart that shows you how to read music and what notes correspond to what key on the keyboard.

• There will be 10-20 levels, each level holding a different song. All songs will be moderatly easy since the player will most likely have no experience reading music.

• Bars with piano music will scroll by above the piano (at a preset speed depending on the song) and as the notes go over a green (see through) bar you would have to click that key on the piano.

• Perhaps there will be a badge system.

•When you hit a right note a light blue music note will float up a little ways above the key you clicked and gadually disapear.


Art isn't really a problem since I know how to whip up some decent pixel art. I just need to know where to start coding (once again for free if possible). Anyways, I guess my overall question is, Where should I start with coding if I know nothing about game coding and the the stuff above is what I want my game to be like. Thanks in advance ^_^


PS: Here are some of the pics that may be in the game.



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Wow, exciting first game project! Challenging!


Firstly, gather up all your resourcefulness, you're going to need it!


That aside, sound advice would be to start far smaller, sound on the web can be tricky and you'll need to learn audio API's as timing is critical for your game, plus you have animations etc etc.


But, lets assume that you ignore that piece of advice and plough on regardless (or maybe you take that advice, the rest is equally relevant).


Pick a game framework that you like the documentation of. Phaser is excellent but there are other choices. Documentation is key because you will be relying on them, a forum such as these is also crucial as you should also rely on helpful people to help you through problems.  The reason I say use a framework (at first) is that they will have solved many many problems which leaves you free to concentrate on your game (rather than on engine). Then work through most of their examples.


Learn how those examples are structured.


Try to pick out which patterns they used and why (this is super tough at first).


Its going to take some time. You're going to hit stumbling blocks, you might have to divert for a week or two to really learn the audio API, for example, or how animations work in the framework, but it'll be worth it.


Of course, there is nothing you've described that cant be done with more traditional web coding, using the DOM and CSS. Games written in HTML and CSS (controlled by JS of course) are perfectly valid, dont feel you have to use webGL or canvas, somethings are far easier to do with HTML than with canvas (and vice versa).


Also, whichever project you do start with, try to get it some sort of finished state. It's fine to back out if you realise your scope is way off, but getting things finished is a skill best learnt early.


Good luck

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