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I bought it too and kind of understand why you are asking what you are asking.


I was hoping for a quick way to add some paths to my app without reading the docs and I also think it's fair to contribute to Phaser seeing as I use it - two birds, one stone. I assumed there would be some code to use so I could quickly import and use the created paths.


What you get is the source for the project.  It's nicely written, there's basic but useful code comments but no other documentation.  There isn't any 'plugin' code, however you use the output data is up to you to write, this is where my assumption was realised.  After a bit of tinkering you soon want to modify the editor and then add some stuff you'd like it to do to suit your usage, which brings you to realise that there's not much point the editor trying to ship any code for you to use as it's really quite simple to implement.  What you get is a jolly good starting point for a path editor for you to extend as needed.  You also get to see the source implementation so implementing your own code is easy.  This is clearly explained editor page, which I barely read beforehand.


So to answer your question: you use it just like you do on the website, ie edit paths, 'save' dumps the data to the console, cut'n'paste from there into your app and write code to use it.  This functionality is free for all to use.


If you want the editor to do more or see some example code of path handling, including how to 'close' them - then buy it.

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