[WIP] Devader (AntiMiner)

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I created a shader to create some kind of storm effect. Here you can see it in action. I've also done a lot of work on performance, but there is likely a lot more to be done. It's a never ending story really. Biggest improvement was realizing that painting a few thousand scorch-marks every frame was a bad idea. I now paint them once into a framebuffer and then just paint the framebuffer to canvas. A lot less taxing for the GPU.

My current biggest issue is this:
I am wondering how to market Devader and have no real clue. I was considering maybe adding a demo on google play and referring to the steam page.

Then this question came up:
Is there any way to create in-app purchases on google play for the browser (not app store). I have a web game that at least runs in chrome but no idea how to make money from it :(

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I somehow forgot about writing here. Was on a bit of a break, but did continue to work on Devader. Quite a lot has happened since. Right now I was researching app notarization for osx when using NWjs but so far I have not found much usable information. But I did stumble on this forum again!

One of the prettier gifs:


What I was actually working on yesterday. I was testing the game on Brutal difficulty and just could not get past this tangled beast. I ended up changing the visuals to be a bit more pleasing and nerfing him quite drastically. I mean it's not even a final boss and I was losing life after life (and cheating of course). The background is a bit bland, because I just jump to the level I need to test. The background gets interesting due to the accumulation of splatter, this is missing here.


Not much of a post, but I have to get back to researching this bloody notarization stuff.

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