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404 :(



Strange I get a 404 if I go to http://www.pawpatrol.com/fun.php as well, but if I just go to http://www.pawpatrol.com/ and click "fun" at the top they work fine.


Very nice kids games too! Really great work @cidicles :)


The link is all fixed up now - there was an additional space at the end causing the error. 


We have some more coming out as well that are a little more complex - will post them up once they go live. 

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Hey folks,

I'm new around here and very new to Game Development. I'm a web developer but have started learning game development with Phaser and HTML5.

I am also new to Javascript. 

Never the less, here is my first game that I have ever made on any platform...ever! (Be gentle).


Play Here:  http://webheed.com/games/slime-ball/

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

I am also planning on making it mobile friendly and then adding to the app store. If anyone knows any goo tuts on how to use the accelerometer with Phaser then I would be very grateful.



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So, I decided to study phaser, and the best way to learn anything - certainly practice.

As a starting point I took the finished tutorial (How to create phaser platformer) and began modifying it to fit my needs. Now he is a little different from the above tutorial, but I have great plans and ambitions for this project. To be precise, i'm in process of adding a number of enemies and levels, well in my spare time I think over new levels and locations. So, if this tearful text seemed not boring you, you can watch a short promotional video of the game:


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