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I've been developing the website for the iOS/Android game Run Sheldon using Phaser js as a way to render all the graphics. The website is supposed to look like the videogame but explaining the gameplay, enemies, etc.


Outdated computers may have a slow performance.


Here's the preview:




And the link:



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I am very interisting about phaser.

do you have Frozen Bubble games ?




Thank you for your answer.


I did release a simplified Version just yesterday.

Have a look at this thread and give me feedback :D






Browser (not for publishing, just for you ;) ):


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Hello everyone,


I've created a small template for an action RPG on mobile devices. 


My scripts, the graphic/music/sound (opengameart.com) are under Creative Common, the virtual Joystick is under MIT license (see the landing page).


Here the direct link to the action RPG: http://www.magratheaworks.net/RPG/basic_elements/index.html


The list and the downloadable zip file of the modules (work in progress): http://www.magratheaworks.net/RPG/mainmenu.html


The landing page with some info, screenshots, hand made footage (sorry for the low quality), credits: http://www.magratheaworks.net/RPG/index.html







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Invaders Breakout

First Game for #ios  released! Support! Available for #iPhone  and #iPad  

#indiegame   #gamedev   #dev   #indiegamedev   #invaders   #breakout  
Classic Games brought together, enjoy awesome gameplay and adorable graphics.
See supported devices below*

- 72 different levels
- arcade mode
- level mode
- iPad & iPhone compatible
- retina graphics
- 2 favorite gameplays brought together
- unique powerups
- no advertising

No Advertising, just gaming. Nothing else.
Invaders Breakout is a classic indiegame based on two popular retro games. It combines the tricky parts of breakout with unique abilities that each invaders has. Try to complete all 72 levels and get the highest score! 

No in-game purchases, no advertising. Only for true gaming.

Supported devices: 
iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPad3, iPad4, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Air, iPad Air 2






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