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Bilge Kaan

My Construct 2 templates is on Greenlight

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Well.. you sell licenses. What do you expect?  :P

Kitbashing is quite common. Of course it's funny in the greenlight context, but I once was visiting a HTML5 sponsor on site (went there to sign some contract stuff) and saw what they get each day. It was, without joking, 99% tutorial/asset bundle content. 

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I think the OPs concern is that it appears to be an attempt to use the templates as an "asset flip" (is that the point?)

It doesn't bode well that the preview video for the game is just the OP's preview video for the kit... this might suggest that the potential Steam flippers haven't bothered to do anything with the kit yet and their use of the OPs video is to deceive the Steam community... one wonders... have they even purchased the kit yet? (maybe they haven't risked buying it so they can flip something else if it doesn't get through Greenlight)

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