Reach for the Star!

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Hey guys! this is the trailer for my newest game Reach for the Star!


It was built using HTML5 Canvas and Javascript with the iioEngine http://iio.js.org/ 

I have ported it to iOS and Android however I cant share the web build until the iOS and android builds are published.


Any feedback on the trailer would be awesome!  

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Overall, its a pretty nice simple elegant trailer. Personally though(REALLY EXTREMELY MINOR) , I would remove the:

"It may not be easy, but it sure is fun" because people don't want to be told what's fun or not..

Generally I suggest game trailers should end with a challenging vibe or so because this lures in players(heh heh heh, or me at least.....) 

Ending or setting up a vibe with "Can you reach the star?" or like "How far can you stack?" or "Will you reach the star? Or will you shatter down?"

SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES. Either way/nevertheless, excellent job setting a fun relaxed simple themed trailer/song. Good luck!

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