Making a generic visual novel game script

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Hello folks,

I'm creating a visual novel and i'm struggling a bit into creating a great concept to how to manage the story, branches, actions, events and etc.

My first option was to create a JSON file, which works fine for the demo i'm making that is a linear story, but for the full game i'm yet experimenting how to do it better.

The game will be online, and the player will have random encounters and how most visual novel works, a kind of affinity bar will help the player get the backstory from the npc's

I don't know if i store all the script in a JSON file, or if i make a JSON file for each 'part' of the story like a JSON for npc1, JSON for npc2, JSON for general story, or if i make it all linked to the database. 

If any of you already did something like this or have some idea, i would appreciate if you can share it with me!

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8 hours ago, Tom Atom said:

Hi, check this older post by cjke - it may be good start:


Thanks man! i will experiment with it when i get home, as far as i can see it's almost the same idea. When i look at the files generated at least i will have a general idea of how to start, really appreciate!

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