Phaser - Spritesheet not functioning on rope

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I have a rope very similar to the phaser example here

However, mine has a simple spritesheet consisting of only 2 frames (256x96 each).  This is the code that should add the spritesheet to the rope but it doesn't work:

rope = game.add.rope(100, 100, "ropeImg", 0, points);

I have used the same code in a sprite and the spritesheet functions correctly, so the image isn't the problem

Thanks for any help ;)

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Hi Shtanton,

I believe you have the same problem now with Phaser as I had a few months ago with pixi (the underlying rendering system of Phaser). Also with ropes and sprite-frames.

pixi isn't able to use spritesheet frames as an image for ropes, because that isn't supported (yet).

For my project I rewrote the code to use only a single image for the rope.

Hope this helps

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