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[Phaser] Matchsticks: Endless Digit Hunter - tons of procedural generated matchstick math puzzles

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Matchsticks: Endless Digit Hunter is an HTML5 one-button matchstick (aka toothpick) puzzle/logic game in which your goal is to rearrange all given math equations and make them true by moving just one match.

The game can be played on 4 different levels of difficulty:

  1. Normal - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 9.
  2. Medium - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 19.
  3. Hard - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 49.
  4. Insane - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 99.

On each level there are 5 faulty math equations which must be corrected as fast as possible!

All equations are procedurally generated so the levels are always different.
To make the given equation true, tap on a match and move it to the right place.

For each bad move you get a penatly of 10 seconds!

The game can help you to improve your math skills. You can run it on your desktop or mobile browser.




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