Why is BitmapData.clear() so slow?

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I'm seeing a massive performance hit from BitmapData.clear(). I've also noticed it eats up memory. I looked at the source code and the bottleneck appears to be from setting the dirty flag to true. If I use BitmapData.context.clearRect() manually, everything works fine. What is the dirty flag doing? Why is it necessary to set it? Perhaps an argument could be added to skip setting it?

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Which version of Phaser are you using?

In 2.4.4, I see that clear calls BitmapData.update, which is documented as being very expensive. However, that was removed in 2.4.5. If you aren't using 2.4.5 or 2.4.6, try updating Phaser and see if you still get the performance hit.

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To answer your question about what the dirty flag does:

BitmapData.dirty is checked in BitmapData.render, which "will push the texture up to the GPU if it's dirty." I didn't go further, but you can check it out if you are interested.

I'll bet your performance issue is related to BitmapData.update though.

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