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Hey guys!

I just came up with this awesome, retro, space action game! It's simple: Shoot all incoming aliens, and don't get hit.



Space: shoot.

Left and Right Arrow: Move left and Right.


Play this game now! Space action


Please leave a comment if you liked it, or if you have any changes :)






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Hey, I lose health  if I fly around the aliens. Is it right logic ?

Yeah that's part of the game. The aliens damage your ship.


like the others, I seem to lose energy even though I'm not getting hit and the game freezes the moment I hit the spacebar - firefox 25


no output that I can see via the console log

Can't find the bug, and it only seems to disturb Firefox...


It worked fine for me in Chrome on a Mac. It's got heart and potential. However, on my machine the screen gets too wide, and it becomes kind of hard to navigate the playfield.

Thanks for the feedback, I shall try to fix the scaling.

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