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Pixel percision on rotation for renderer

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Ok maybe that title doesn't make sense?

The idea is tied to this -

Basically when the sprite isn't drawn on a perfect pixel location, it gets blurred, not very nice looking.

Counter this with CSS3 - translate: rotateZ()  - here's a comparison attached, the teal background is pixi.js, the white is CSS3 DOM.

What can I do to get pixi to render like CSS3? I'm willing to dig into the renderer code base but I'd need some advice.



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I noticed that changing the renderer resolution to 2 makes a huge improvement. Granted it also makes everything a lot bigger, but at least the rendering is very smooth - 

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.38.29 PM.png


edit- Heh... i set the canvas CSS zoom property to 50%, works like magic


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cool, I also have a regular 1080p secondary screen that I used to look at the quality, this retina support fix works on the regular display too so I'll stick with this for my project(s)

does it have a significant impact on performance? I imagine it would once the scene(s) starts getting busy and complex? at least more so than resolution: 1 ? 

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