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Make textbox that if value is true displays a fix sentence

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Hi everybody,

my question ist propably easy-pupeasy for all of you, but I'm a writer, not a coder and so for me it's like rocket science. Anyway: I'm making a branch-narrative game at the moment and I want to put in a simple textfield where players have to insert a codeword (e.g. Hamster). If they put it in correctly then I want a sentence to appear afterwards. (e.g. Hamster indeed! Good job)

If got this far (pretty awesome - I know):

  <input type="text" name="Codeword"><br>
Thank you very much for your help

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You can use DOM api to grab the value of the text field and also to apply a handler when that input changes

<input class="js-input" type="textfield" placeholder="what is small and furry?" />
var input = document.querySelector( '.js-input' )

function onInputChange( event ) {
  if ( input.value.toLowerCase() === 'hamster' ) {
    alert( 'boom, it is small and furry' )

input.addEventListener( 'input', onInputChange )

Everytime there is an input event on the textfield the function will fire, it grabs the current value of the textfield, converts it to lower case (so that we have case-insensitive matching) and checks if it is equal to a certain value, if it is then, in this case, it triggers an alert (you want to append a string into the DOM, but I'll leave that for you to figure out, Google can help :) )

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