Petigor's Tale RELEASED!

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This is a game about a brave warrior - a teenage boy who alone was forced to fight an evil troll and his companions. One night while away, his village was burned and his friends were kidnapped. So, he decided to rescue everyone and wipe out the evil settled near his village.

The player, a warrior carrying the name Petigor, will need to pass through several levels: a red-hot crater of a volcano, a dark dangerous dungeon and finally meet with the frightful troll and defeat him in battle.

This game was made completely using Open-Source software like Blender, Krita, Gimp, Audacity and the WebGl-based engine Blend4Web. All game resources are also available to download, study and modify in the free Blend4Web SDK.

Petigor's Tale Teaser

Petigor's Tale Gameplay Trailer



Release Article


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4 hours ago, SET001 said:

Isn't it already released - http://www.petigor.com/apps/petigors_tale/petigors_tale.html#quality=high ?

Can't play, though. It crashes all the time in chrome and firefox.

Yes, we release the game for russian users and now prepearing release notes for english speaking people.

In witch stage of game loading browser crush? Can you tell us what os and hardware you use?

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11 hours ago, ufis said:

What pc you need to have to run your game?
Cuz your game have very big lags on my machine*.

* WIndows 8.1
Latest chrome
Intel Core i5
8GB ram
Geforce GT635M

It's a common problem, I think you have two video in you machine that switchs according to scene loading. You need to check if nvidia gpu is in use. Take a look at chrome://gpu and try to find NVIDIA string.

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