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Please check out v0.4 of Merc - a slow moving, retro, 3d adventure game. (Think of it like a "lost" sequel to the 80s game "mercenary".)

New in this release:

- more/better game models

- shader lighting

- memory and frame-rate optimizations

- bugfixes


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.20.36 AM.png



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I really really like it's old style coolest game! But there is few annoying things. The First and major one is a lack of Load and save system. I found first bunker and open that fast car but now after closing the game I have start all over again :( The second thing is a lack of quest board.  I mean do I need to remember all this coordinates?

Overall I very love the game sci-fi quest atmosphere!

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It's one of the my loved project here. But the controls make me crazy... 

The control of vehicles is strange and inconvenient for me. The big problem is the sharp turns that I can't perform. The cursor is going from one to the other edge of the monitor, but the angle is not enough to perform proper turn, sometime is so FAR from the target.  Even without vehicles the control is creepy:(

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Hi Nagval333, have you tried clicking inside the game? If you do, it will hide the mouse cursor so you're not constrained by the screen size. Other than that, let me know what you'd like to work differently - I'm sure the controls can be improved.



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On 26.04.2016 at 10:00 PM, uzudil said:

it will hide the mouse cursor so you're not constrained by the screen size

You right. BTW message log scroll is working only when the mouse appear.
For now I get lost in these  catacombs/corridors and portals of c8-f0 complex... Before I visited ruins comlpex, I found some Xeno artifact, two plasma drive cores and Xeno translatore chip And two terminals 100 and 110...

Ok, doesn't matter, I found disc and get new coordinates.



P.S I think the Use/Interact button will more comfortably at "Q" instead "P"

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